Syrian Army Retakes Southern Key Town

Syrian troops drove back Qaeda-linked Nusra Front militants from the town of Der al-Adas connecting many towns and villages in Daraa countryside, as shown in a video posted by Syrian News Agency on Tuesday, February 10, 2015. Syrian army seized the town shortly after controlling Tel Msaeih, a hill overlooking Der al-Adas.

معارك عنيفة بين داعش والجيش العراقي شرق الرمادي

نشر تنظيم داعش شريط فيديو يوم الثلاثاء 10/2/2015، أظهر جانبا من المعارك الدائرة في منطقة السجارية شرق الرمادي بين مسلحي التنظيم والجيش العراقي. والسجارية من بين اخر مناطق الرمادي التي ما زال  التنظيم يحتفظ بجيوب فيها.

Iraqi Intelligence Breaks up ISIS Terror Cell

Stepping up efforts to thwart terrorist attacks in Baghdad, Iraqi intelligence dismantled 4-member terror cell linked to ISIS. The cell  was behind a series of assassinations suicide attacks and blasts in the Iraqi capital, as shown in this video released my Iraqi ministry of defense on Sunday, February 8, 2015.

العاهل السعودي يكرر كلمة قبيحة عدة مرات

في كلمة مقتضبة له خلال مراسم أداء وزراء وأمراء المناطق الجدد القسم أمامه في الرياض يوم الأحد 1/2/2015، كرر الملك السعودي سلمان عبد العزيز كلمة “استخراء” أربع مرات  في دقيقة واحدة فقط.

Iraqi Shia Take War against ISIS to a Higher Level

Iraqi Shiite Group Asaeb Ahl al-Haq AAH ” League of the Righteous” is one of many sisterly organizations fighting ISIS in Iraq mainly and Syria to a lesser level. Iran-backed AAH stated that it had been using drones in survellance and launching rocket attacks as part of its war against ISIS in Iraq, as shown in a video it has posted lately.

ISIS: Jordanian Airstrikes Killed US Female Hostage



kayla3 kayla-2 karla

ISIS claimed that Kayla Jean Mueller, the American aid worker it held hostage, was killed in airstrikes carried out by Jordanian warplanes in Raqqa, Syria today.

ISIS- run media office of Raqqa province said in a statement it posted on the internet February 6, 2015, that the international coalition jet fighters staged a series of airstrikes on a headquarters on the outskirts of Raqqa city, Syria, resulting in the death of American Mueller. The statement posted three images of the targeted building and some information about the victim including her address in Prescott, Arizona, her email and phone numbers.




قضاة داعش يضعون الأقنعة

نشر تنظيم داعش شريط فيديو يوم الخميس 2/5/2015 يظهر فيه من وصفه بقاضي ولاية حمص. الغريب في هذا الشريط وبغض النظر عن مضمونه هو أن القاضي ظهر مقتعا، وبهذا يبقى في جعبة داعش الكثير ليقدمه.

ISIS Judges Appear Masked in Public


ISIS posted a video on February 5, 2015, on a tribal dispute in a village in Homs, central Syria, controlled by ISIS. Apart from all content of the video, what was really funny is that the Judge who appeared in the video to reconcile warring clans was nothing but masked. Yes, the judge was masked, something you don’t see only in ISIS-ruled territory.